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Video Jittering at 300 concurrent user



AMS (1 instance) running on Digitalocean CPU-Optimized / 32 GB / 16 vCPUs.

I am using only 1 publisher, 512kpbs bitrate 30 fps. Video start jittering when user count increase from 250 to 300, till 250 its working perfectly fine.

We are not expecting more than 800 users at a time.


Please suggest how should I resolve this problem.

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As far as I remember, there are some networking issues in Digital Ocean. I mean it increases jitter, packet lost and RTT when the number of viewers increases. 

I see that data transfer is more affordable in DO than AWS or Azure but there may be this kind of disadvantages. 

I agree that HLS works better because HLS(6-10 seconds latency) compensate the network fluctuations.  

A. Oguz


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Hi Ahmet,


Thanks for the reply on a weekend, really appreciate!

I would request you to please guide me in a correct direction.


Really strange case about the Digital Ocean you just shared and I experienced.

I don't know where is the problem..CPU usage was 50% only but the video start lagging, jittering and rumbled completely when user count was near 400.


I tried to double the server size (at the maximum what DO can provide) ans tried to run Ant Media Load Test tools because we cannot call the users again until we fix the problem (will be a bad impression).

strangely I am not able to run the tools from any other system/server except on the AntiMedia Server on DO.

Problem is I cannot estimate the concurrent users correctly, since load testing tool and the Origin/Edge server is same.


Please guide me how can I run this tool separately.


Secondly, will it help if I use load balancer and creating 3 instance of 4 Core vCPU on DO?

I have got the suggestion from support before I purchased the instance that I don't need two seperate Edge and Origin server as I don't have too many users.






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