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Lessons Learned from Community: Fixing jitter and pixelating issue in RTMP to WebRTC


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Hi Guys,

We've just made a quick video call with guys(Rj, Andrej and Konrad) in the community. 
They have shared their experience about using the Ant Media Server. 

For me, it's good to know the best practices for jitter and pixelating.
  • Just make the frame rate in OBS and Ant Media Server are same. By default, Ant Media Server uses 20fps for transcoding the stream. OBS may have 25 or 30fps. Set the same value for both of them.
  • Remove B-Frames in OBS. If you also set profile to baseline and tune zerolatency, it removes the B-Frames
  • Set the key frame interval to 1 sec in OBS.
  • If your instance is having more 8 cores CPU and using transcoding, it may be helpful to set thread count to 8 in app's red5.properties file webapps/[APP]/WEB-IND/red5.properties       


Please correct me guys if I'm wrong or missing anything. 

Thank you so much. 

A. Oguz

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