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Flutter and ant media server

Juan Jose Polo Melendez


Hi, my name is Juan José, i´m from colombian, i don´t if you guys can help me, but i need to implement ant media server in a flutter app, i know that u have the sdk for android and ios, but i don´t know how it would be in the flutter app, because if i´m gonna make the complete app with java for android, it´ll make no sense that i´m doing this in flutter, so... i´d like to know the best way for the implementation
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Hi Enes,

I also would be interested in the flutter SDK/app. Could you please send it too.



On May 16, 2021, at 9:08 AM, B P <bpphone1@gmail.com> wrote:

Is it possible for me to get a copy of the Flutter SDK application?



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Here are my results. 

Initial install was complaining about old software and code.   Created a new flutter shell with ALL upgraded third party packages in pubspec.yaml.   Imported files from main.dart.   Copied and pasted src directory then updated import links for new flutter_webrtc.   Changed url from var to dynamic in turn_web.dart file line 5.   Updated buidd_gradle minSdkVersion to 21.     

Set up WebRTC Live Stream on ant media server.  Ran test on android studio emulator and physical Note 5.  Was able to navigate to url setup screen.  Connected to community version of ant media server on   

I got a blank blank white screen with just the top nav bar.  No video stream started.   Here is the output from the emulator attempt.  

I/org.webrtc.Logging( 8344): EglBase14Impl: Using OpenGL ES version 2
D/eglCodecCommon( 8344): setVertexArrayObject: set vao to 0 (0) 0 0
D/EGL_emulation( 8344): eglCreateContext: 0xbe33c220: maj 2 min 0 rcv 2
W/Gralloc3( 8344): allocator 3.x is not supported
D/EGL_emulation( 8344): eglMakeCurrent: 0xbe33c220: ver 2 0 (tinfo 0xbe276bb0)
I/flutter ( 8344): onOpen
I/flutter ( 8344): play
I/flutter ( 8344): send: {"command":"play","streamId":"062296693672027564683668","token":""}
I/flutter ( 8344): Closed by server [1002 => null]!

I/org.webrtc.Logging( 8344): EglRenderer: Initializing EglRenderer
I/org.webrtc.Logging( 8344): EglRenderer: EglBase.create shared context
D/HostConnection( 8344): HostConnection::get() New Host Connection established 0xbec971e0, tid 8498
D/HostConnection( 8344): HostComposition ext ANDROID_EMU_CHECKSUM_HELPER_v1 ANDROID_EMU_dma_v1 ANDROID_EMU_direct_mem ANDROID_EMU_host_composition_v1 ANDROID_EMU_host_composition_v2 ANDROID_EMU_vulkan ANDROID_EMU_deferred_vulkan_commands ANDROID_EMU_vulkan_null_optional_strings ANDROID_EMU_vulkan_create_resources_with_requirements ANDROID_EMU_YUV420_888_to_NV21 ANDROID_EMU_YUV_Cache ANDROID_EMU_async_unmap_buffer ANDROID_EMU_vulkan_free_memory_sync ANDROID_EMU_vulkan_shader_float16_int8 ANDROID_EMU_vulkan_async_queue_submit GL_OES_vertex_array_object GL_KHR_texture_compression_astc_ldr ANDROID_EMU_host_side_tracing ANDROID_EMU_async_frame_commands ANDROID_EMU_gles_max_version_2 
I/org.webrtc.Logging( 8344): EglBase14Impl: Using OpenGL ES version 2
D/eglCodecCommon( 8344): setVertexArrayObject: set vao to 0 (0) 0 0
D/EGL_emulation( 8344): eglCreateContext: 0xbf6a6e00: maj 2 min 0 rcv 2
D/EGL_emulation( 8344): eglMakeCurrent: 0xbf6a6e00: ver 2 0 (tinfo 0xbec41f00)

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