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BAD results with H.264 and 1080p source video #2990

Daniel B


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I have reported video stutter issue many months back. For a different scenario but underlying cause may be similar:

(1) Anytime ABR is on or VP8 to H.264 transcoding is happening. Could also happen H.264 to VP8
(2) Real reason most likely is that VP8 input is a Variable Frame Rate (or Bit Rate or Reference frames coming in with long interval AND H.264 encoder can not track this input change.

VP8 video should be decoded and converted to 30FPS and then encoded to H.264 may eliminate jitter if what I am hypothesizing  is true.

Did you test iPhone to Chrome video call? Look carefully and you may find the video Jitter.


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On Mar 15, 2021, at 6:43 AM, Daniel B <daniel@beardfam.com> wrote:


We are seeing this same issue. We had to disable all adaptive streaming because of this. Is there anything we can do to fix it or are you guys working on it? Any ETA if that's the case?



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What I'm seeing may be a little different. I only have H.264 enabled so VP8is not in use in my case. I can't use adaptive streamingat all. If I remove the adaptive streaming options it clears up and looks perfect but then people have buffering issues.

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