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VoD not streaming

Orana Wildlife Park


So I have a fresh install of 2.3.0 on Ubuntu 20.04. All rtsp streams have been re-entered from scratch and are accessible via browser - YIPPEE!

However, I have uploaded the six VoD streams, all mp4's. They play in AMS interface, download via AMS interface, but are not accessible from browser - AAARRGGHHH!

The browser states "Stream will start playing automatically when it is live" but never spools or plays.

In the browser console I get:
No stream found
sent message:{"command":"getStreamInfo","streamId":"546111496697119249617652"}
error callback: "no_stream_exist"
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What URL do you exactly using for playing in the browser? Can you try this


(or change to https and port 5443)

Also, be careful that Stream_ID is not always the same as VoD video name. 

You can quickly check the stream id from management panel -> application name - > and under actions at the right side where delete, play and other operations are located, there is a button "Copy Live Embed Code to Clipboard" if you click it and paste it somewhere it should give you a code like this

"*play.html?name=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"* XXXX are the stream id of that specific VoD file


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Hi cem....

With or without the .mp4 I only get "Stream will start playing automatically when it is live"

The Live Embed Code is
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Hello again,

There was an issue for the VoD embed code. It requires the following parameter "playOrder=vod". I will fix the source codes. Meanwhile you can add it manually for every vod. So the following link and pattern should be fine

Best Regards,


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