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Enabling WebRTC from Client on LAN with no UDP allowed

Robert Berger1648581691


Breaking this out  from the thread "Corporate users cant view our Live stream

I've got A TURN (coturn as per the Antmedia docs) running and it works as a STUN and TURN server according to the WebRTC samples Trickle ICE server. I see host, srflx and relay types for my TURN server.

I also set it up so it has a TLS Certificate using a Lets Encrypt cert.

But I don't see how to configure ether the TURN server and/or the client that is behind this strict firewall that only allows TCP port 80 or 443 to do the right thing.

  • My client is a webapp using the Antmedia javascript webrtc_adapter.js. 
  • All of my customers use the same webapp. 
  • I would like to have a common peer_connnection_config for the client. 
    • Clients behind the strict firewall would connect via TCP port 80 or 443
      • Making it use TCP port 80/443  is the one I can't get work
    • Clients that can do a direct UDP will use that
      • This seems to be working
    • Clients that need STURN would get that and use UDP
      • This seems to be working

Only the few customers who have the super strict firewall should be forced to use a TCP connection. I.e. other clients should still automatically use the 'best" connection for their situation.

How do I accomplish this? Do I need a different peer_connection_config than:

[{urls: "turn:turn.example.com", 
  username: "myuser", 
  credential: "secret"}]

What other configuration do I need to do in the coturn server beyond what the Antmedia documentation states?
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Hi Rob,

Sadly, this is something practically not feasible to do. 80 and 443 ports are there for connection and secure connection. You need at least another port to be open for streaming, it does not make sense to use 80 and 443 ports for streaming data. 

I guess you can try making coTurn server port instead of 3478 to 443 and use 80 for the websocket connection but I don't expect it to work. Since you shouldn't assign more than one job for a port it doesn't seem like a good plan.



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