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Issues with cluster, SSL and WebRTC stream quality

Voitsovich P


Hello experts!
I have few issues and need some help ;)
1) I bought 2 licences of Ant and deployed cluster on fresh and heavy Ubuntu servers with 16 cores and 32RAM.
And the issue is: when I add SSL cert via provided script, It generates cert well and port 5443 become available, everything is fine.
However, if I try to "change_server_mode" to "cluster" via provided script, Ant instance joined cluster, but 5443 port disapearing.. Only HTTP 5080 is up.
Then, if I try to use "enable_ssl" script again, it opens 5443 but dropped out from cluster (restarts in standalone mode). 
So the node dissapearing from cluster again. So how to use SSL port within cluster?
2) Feels like in 1.6.1 WebRTC was fine, but as I installed 1.6.2, I have absolutely quality same issue like in this thread:
Same problem like in video that guy posted on youtube.
If I play a bit with Adaptive stream settings, I can push HD stream alomst without that "squares", but enabling Adaptive Streaming produce an unbelievable CPU load, like 20% on all 16 cores each stream, so it is not what I'm looking for ;)
I'm still checking different scenarios, which can cause problems, but would be happy for any workaround on this.
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Hi voitsovich.p,

1- Could you please replace attachment file(jee-container.xml) instead of a current jee-container.xml. jee-container.xml file location is here: /usr/local/antmedia/conf/jee-container.xml

2- I have good news for you! In this week, we are planning a new version release. We've almost completely solved the performance issues.

I'm hoping that I was able to answer your queries, voitsovich.p. Please feel free to get back to us if you still have any questions.

May the Live Streaming be with you!


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Hello Selim,
thanks for pointing me in the right direction :)
I copied this file into given directory but without any luck.
However, I found there another file  "jee-container-cluster.xml", and whole block about SSL was commented out there.
So I replaced your jee-container.xml into conf/jee-container-cluster.xml,
then successfully restarted in cluster mode and 5443 became up and running!

btw, now need to think about how to automatically renew with certbot, as Ant using Java keystore,
so I think simple <certbot renew> will not help, but that's another story ;D
Now waiting for newer Ant version!

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