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Someone suggested I look here for answers to WebRTC



Hey everyone, just cross posting from my reddit post.  See below:

Hey everyone, I've been dabbling in webrtc for a while now and have come up with some great little solutions, but I have encountered a problem with playing video. Now, the issue isn't noticeable much when there is a lot of motion on the screen. For example a music video playing, you can barely notice, or a talking head, you don't see any issue at all. But if you look at this video clip and the camera panning up and down, you can see a constant stutter in the video. There is a jump in the video at the top of the panning, thats just the end of the recording sample that I was using to feed my transcoder for the solution. The point is to focus on the jutter in the video.

I've tried many different encodes of the live video and I just can eliminate it. When I check the webrtc internals, I can see that the FPS is not constant at 60, or at 30 at the rate that I encoded it at. I'm using gstreamer to feed the stream, and I am using janus as the webrtc server to handle the rest.

I am working towards an ultra low latency video player solution and I have it. It works real good. I can do two way webcam to webcam chats, but the presentation of my external source is just not consistently smooth.

Things that I have tried:

B-frames on or off
intra-refresh on or off
profile levels
encoding presets
high bitrate, low bitrate
MTU settings
Queues in gstreamer pipeline

Anyways thanks in advance. I would consider paying for some consultation to close this up for me, or better yet, offer up a part time or full time job as part of our team to develop cool things like this.

Edit: This is on a LOCAL network. There is no network losses and its all on the same ma

Here is a link to the video clip.

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Thank you for asking your question in this group.

I'm not sure about what could cause this. This also can be caused by Janus itself.
So in that case we suggest you to try your use case in Ant Media Server.
Could you give more insight about your use case?
We can also give trial license for testing purposes.
If you want consultancy about your case, you can meet one of our experts about your case.
You can use this link to book consultancy: https://calendly.com/antmedia/consultancy.

Best Regards,
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