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Unity SDK DataChannel



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thanks you. I was able to send and receive strings on the data channel.
However, there is an extra character at the end of the received string ("test"-> "testV")
  > String conversion error: Partial byte sequence encountered in the input.
Error occurs.

Also, I want you to support sending and receiving binary data.
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// Sender
sendInterval += Time.deltaTime;
if(sendInterval >= 1f)
    sendInterval = 0f;
    sendLength += 100;
    var sendData = new string('w', sendLength);
    Debug.Log($"SendData length:{sendLength}");

// Receiver
sora.OnNotify = (data) =>
    Debug.Log($"Receive via DataChannel: {data.Length}");

It is the result of testing with such code
Sometimes it receives a length other than XX00 or the received data drops.


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I'm not sure how this is related to SDK. If your processor has a margin of error and can pass string 0.001 later than it should be, I'm not sure what is the issue here. I don't think a webrtc datachannel should bomb data channel messages constantly.

What happens when you try a real worl scenario where you wrote text and  send by button but don't mash it 10 times in a second.
Could you post your findings please?

Best Regards,

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