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I get a "publishTimeoutError".



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Is it possible to take a look at this issue?

I copy-paste below for your convenience. 


There are several reasons for publishtimeout errors and here are some of them.

1 - UDP ports (and for cluster case TCP ports) are not opened. This is unlikely for your case since you say that it is fine when you publish with browser and successfully play it. However you can double check that UDP ports 5000 - 65000 are open

Also for cluster mode TCP:5000-65000 (You need to open this range in only cluster mode for internal network. It should not be open to public.)

2 - You can try changing settings.webrtc.client.start.timeoutMs= parameter according to your usage. This parameter default value is 5000. So Ant Media Server waiting for video with 5 seconds. You can increase 10 seconds with below:


You need to add in your application settings. You can see application settings here: /webapps//WEB-INF/red5-web.properties

3 - If there is a problem in the network(Firewall, UDP or other things), such a problem may occur. Some networks drop real-time packets.

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Hi Chaitulittle,
Thank you for the suggestion.
​We will surely see to the best of it.
Have a great day.
Mohit Dubey

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On Thu, 29 Jul at 12:16 PM , Chaitulittle <chaitulittle@gmail.com> wrote:
It will be nice to have this setting exposed in the Dashboard UI as well :) 

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