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Broadcasting 'canvas' instead of camera directly (for overlays etc)

Alex A


So looking into the examples and explanations in this Antmedia article: https://antmedia.io/how-to-merge-live-stream-and-canvas-in-webrtc-easily/

We want to broadcast a 'canvas' which has a manipulated version of the video stream drawn onto it - however the above article does not seem relevant to the current antmedia versions and demo files.

ie: there is no "initWebRTCAdaptor(localStream);" in all the demo's, they intialize differently - so how do you attach a canvas instead of a video stream now in the current versions ?

anyone have the basic demo code working to do this ?


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Incase anyone finds this post - Enes answered it in another post;


"you need to add localStream variabla to webRTCAdaptor here: https://github.com/ant-media/StreamApp/blob/master/src/main/webapp/index.html#L446

You need to use localStream = {variable you are going to use} instead of localVideoId.


function initWebRTCAdaptor(publishImmediately, autoRepublishEnabled)




webRTCAdaptor = new WebRTCAdaptor({


websocket_url : websocketURL,


mediaConstraints : mediaConstraints,


peerconnection_config : pc_config,


sdp_constraints : sdpConstraints,


localStream : somestream,







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