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WebRTC streaming frame drop and frame disturbed.



I purchased Ant Media Server Enterprise from the AWS Marketplace and set it up on EC2.

* Region: ap-northeast-1
* Instance type: c5.xlarge

Almost no special settings have been made.
I'm trying to stream with WebRTC, but I get a lot of frame drops.
Also, if Adaptive Streaming is enabled, the image will be severely disturbed.

What settings can solve these problems?
Test Resources 

VP8 Streaming

VP8 Streaming Dashboard

H264 Streaming

H264 Streaming Dashboard

Adaptive Streaming




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Hi gtk2k,
Might be related to hardware itself. Let me do the test as well.
Best regards

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On Sat, 10 Apr at 9:06 AM , gtk2k <gtk2kritto@gmail.com> wrote:
Also, due to a Chrome bug that the streaming video with captureStream () becomes black when hardware acceleration is enabled, I tested it with hardware acceleration disabled.

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