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Ant Media Server 2.3.1 Release and Quick way to download Latest Snapshots


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Hi Guys,

I've two news for you.

1. Ant Media Server 2.3.1 is available on your accounts 
2. Latest snapshot(aka nightly build) will be available on your accounts as "Ant Media Server Latest Snapshot(Unstable)" in your subscription listing and changelog for the latest snapshot will be available here

Firstly, Ant Media Server 2.3.1 is available to download at your accounts. In this release we generally have bug fixes and improvements. 


Here are some important points

- Problem in fragment.size() Check #3053

- Audio intermittently cuts out. #3035

- Webm start - stop recording does not work #3096

- Fix analyze time in EncoderAdaptor #2939

- P2P NoSpaceForNewPeer error  #2954

- Create app is not working on the fly in standalone mode #3033

- Sorted Application List Would Be Good #2783

- Web Panel does not show vod ID #3006

- Import external js files into the package #2943

- Get MD5 of password in Angular app #3075

- Provide configuration option to push CMAF and HLS to any Http Endpoint  #3071

- Create and delete apps via web panel #3064

- Update FFmpeg(4.3.2) and CUDA(11.2) #3047

- Audio/Video sync issue in 2.3 with ABR #3088

For full changelog check this out. I know that changelog is not good and there is no direct relation between issues and commits. We'll make it better in the upcoming releases.   

Secondly, there are snapshot releases(aka nightly build) available on our side but delivery was something like manual and there was no quick to see changes. 

From now on, latest snapshot will be deployed on your subscription downloads as "Ant Media Server Latest Snapshot(Unstable)"  and the auto-generated changelog will also be available here https://antmedia.io/latest-snapshot/ 

Stay safe

A. Oguz

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