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streamId as UUID causes problems

Devin Smaldore


Hi all,

I have been tinkering around with using the REST API to create and broadcast streams using an IP camera with rtsp streamSource. I generate a UUID to set to the streamId when creating a broadcast. I am able to successfully create the broadcast.
I can also call the API to start the broadcast and this works successfully as well.

My problem occurs when I try to stop the broadcast from the management portal. If I right click on the started stream and try to click stop broadcast, I see an error pop up in the upper right hand corner saying 
"Stream stop is failed.

            Error: No matching stream source in this server:F2C095B0-3ADD-4564-8E68-51072CA51915"



Could it be something with how I am creating the stream? I'm doing this using alamofire/Swift and the only parameters I set for Broadcast are:


"streamId" : "",

"name" : "",

"type" : "streamSource",

"streamUrl" : "rtsp://..."






When I start the stream manually from the management portal (same stream with same name and id), it starts successfully and I can also stop it successfully. 





I am  also not able to delete any of the broadcasts that were created using the API??? 



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