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HLS Stream works only in Safari

Lwatkins Brw


I am in the process of setting up Ant Media Community Edition on a personal server for private use and am running into an issue.

I am redirecting an internal IP camera RTSP stream to HSL via "Live Streams" for outside the internal network viewing (cannot seam to get IP camera to work even though cameras are supposedly ONVIF compliant).  I have it setup with HTTPS and use HAProxy on my firewall to redirect/pass though SSL traffic from 443 to 5443 on server.

It all seems to work when I go to https://<SERVER_NAME>/LiveApp/streams/<STREAM_ID>.m3u8 via the Safari browser on my Mac, iPhone or iPad and it plays the stream with no problem.

However, other players do not seem to work.  I tested with a player app using Swift AVPlayer, and it doesn't play there (although other 3rd-party m3u8 sources play with test app).  

I tested today with VLC to see if I could help diagnose the problem and was able to view error messages on the stream.  Even though it apparently connects and finds the m3u8 file fine, it then crashes saying it cannot access the ts segment.

Here is snippet from error log (information scrubbed for privacy)

main debug: `https://<SERVER_NAME>:443/LiveApp/streams/<STREAM_ID>.m3u8' successfully opened
adaptive error: Failed reading https://<SERVER_NAME>:443/LiveApp/streams/<STREAM_ID>_0p20202.ts: HTTP/1.1 404 

main debug: no demux modules matched

adaptive error: Failed to create demuxer 00000000 TS

main debug: EOF reached

main debug: removing module "adaptive"

main debug: removing module "record"

main debug: removing module "prefetch"

main debug: removing module "access"

main debug: dead input

main debug: changing item without a request (current 0/1)

main debug: nothing to play

Any idea what may be causing this?

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Hi Mr. lwatkins.brw,

Sorry for the delay. 

Could you please make sure camera codec configuration profile H.264? Also, you can send us your m3u8 or ts URL, we can check your URL streaming codec.

Looking forwarding to hearing from you soon.

May the Live Streaming be with you!

Best Regards,
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