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UnitySDK stream to sphere on Android

Michele Castelletti


Hello everyone!

we've been trying to use the plugin you provided to have a 360-video stream on a sphere.
We've made it work with iOS, but we're now having huge problems with Android as it just shows a blank texture.
The log just shows "Stats" being invoked, but nothing else.

We're currently using the script you provided with a few alterations (see attachment)

But it doesn't seem to work properly for Android, while it works very well on iOS.

Anybody tried doing something like this? Anyone actually made it work?
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We actually managed to get to the point where the app probably connects as we're seeing the current message logged:

OnNotify: {"candidate":"candidate:417870047 1 udp 2122260223 48382 typ host generation 0 ufrag +IH5 network-id 1","streamId":"stream1","label":0,"id":"audio","command":"takeCandidate"}

quickly followed by:


[EGL] eglDestroySurface(m_EGLDisplay, m_EGLSurface): EGL_BAD_SURFACE: An EGLSurface argument does not name a valid surface (window, pixel buffer or pixmap) configured for GL rendering.

What does this mean? is it connecting and then it fails to render incoming video?


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I don't have vast knowledge on Unity side but is it possible to be a device incompatability maybe? Is it possible that you can try with different devices? Also found this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55363391/eglswapbuffers-fails-with-egl-bad-surface-when-using-a-surface-from-mediacodec

Are you using different egl versions?



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